Who We Are

Leadership, Coaching, Youth Empowerment, Political Leadership, Personal Identity, Conflict Resolution, Peace Building, Financial Training and Consultancy Organisation


Leadtots Development Initiative (LDI) is a Non-Governmental; Not-for-Profit and women led Organization that seeks to ensure an inclusive and sustainable development with a clear mandate to develop great young leaders with potentials for societal development.  LDI’s operation started since 2013, as the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Leadtots and Human Development Services and was legally registered on the 31st of August 2018 as a Non-Profit.

LDI’s key responsibility is to develop a complete leader who is willing and has the capacity to change communities. In other words, we build young Leaders with apt potentials to aid the achievement of all global goals. Our work focuses around Leadership development, Education, Peace and Social Justice, with activities centered on Advocacies, Trainings and Mentoring, Social Awareness Campaigns and Interventions to make great young Leaders in particularly susceptible societies. We currently work in Northeastern Nigeria.

To meet the mission of developing a holistic and inclusive hub of people with distinct capacities and skills to promote human development and utilization of resources; Leadtots Development Initiative advocates for creating a community of thoughtful leaders who are able to change the dynamics of negative leadership, poor governance and non-accountability to citizens on rights to Social Services and Empowerment initiatives.



We are adaptive to change and are accountable to improving on our learning


This relates to our diversity of approach and human resource in terms of strength, energy, passion and competence.


In the display of our mission, we exude strong professionalism adopting best practices and acceptable standards with quality in all that we do.


We are adaptive to change and are accountable to improving on our learning


  • Inclusive Education
  • Youth & Governance
  • Electioneering
  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Transformation
  • Capacity Coaching