Our Strategic Coverage

Leadership, Coaching, Youth Empowerment, Political Leadership, Personal Identity, Conflict Resolution, Peace Building, Financial Training and Consultancy Organisation


Program Areas

Leadtots Development Initiative operates within the thematic areas of Education, Civic engagement/ governance, Health and environmental wellbeing, Leadership development and Economic Empowerment.

Empowerment for Women and Youths

Economic Strengthening program of Leadtots Development Initiative provides livelihood empowerment support and linkages to markets and financial institutions for women and youths in target areas including adolescent girls. Households with vulnerable children.

Program Location

Leadtots Development Initiative’s program covers both urban and rural areas, within states in North Eastern region of Nigeria. Leadtots Development Initiative will also strengthen capacity at community level for effective partnership (most especially community volunteers), establish and implement practical community participation strategies to facilitate ownership, community takeover of initiatives and sustainability of such. Leadtots Development Initiative will also establish and implement an effective and practical graduation and exit strategy for beneficiaries.

Service Delivery

Leadtots Development Initiative directly provides services which include awareness creation on identified issues within selected communities, referrals, capacity development, household economic support and education support.

Gender Mainstreaming

Leadtots Development Initiative fully implement its gender policy by mainstreaming gender into its operations at all levels through capacity building for its staff in gender mainstreaming and sharpening gender content of its programs/projects while also adopting and implementing guidelines for documenting and evaluating gender content of its programs.